Higher Quality Care

When plan members begin receiving medical care from top rated providers the quality of care goes up. We connect our members with the best providers in the country, so they can get the results they need.

Better Outcomes

Our members have access to healthcare providers with proven records of success in their fields providing  better outcomes for patients. Direct Healthcare looks at providers objectively, taking into account the most important metrics which measure quality of care. Examples of these outcome based statistics include: complication rates, infection rates, patient satisfaction surveys, re-admittance rates, mortality rates, and many more. Our commitment? Better outcomes at a lower cost.

Reduced Complications

Better providers means fewer complications. Fewer complications means shorter treatment and recovery times, simplified claims processing, and reduced expenses at both the provider and facility levels. Plan members return to their normal lives faster, in better condition, and at a much lower cost for everyone.

Improve Care Quality
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