Increased Transparency

For our most important or costly consumer purchase decisions, we research the relative expense, the value at stake, relevant reviews and testimonials, and the opinions of experts. We make sure that the value and expense in question fit with our needs and financial reality. However, when it comes to one of the most important decisions we as consumers make, our healthcare, we rely too heavily on the opinions of others.

In the context of a standard healthcare plan, it is close to impossible to figure out the true value relative to cost before it is provided. With precious few resources available, it is difficult to navigate the options available in the healthcare market. A lack of quality data or the knowledge to interpret this data inhibits our ability to make a clear decision.

With a Direct Healthcare program, plan members have access to objective information about the facilities and providers they are considering, so they can feel clear and confident in the decision they make. When a plan member selects a healthcare provider within the Direct Healthcare network, the cost is completely transparent, with pre-negotiated case rates that you know up front. We also consolidate billing throughout treatment, so members can track their costs, where those charges are coming from, and whether the billed charges match the fixed case rates. Direct Healthcare empowers consumers.

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